Atlantis Oasis of the Seas Jan 21-28, 2024 Cruise Dogtag Set

Atlantis Oasis of the Seas Jan 21-28, 2024 Cruise Dogtag Set

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A pair of tags in the color of your choice, these customized tags will not only provide an easy way to share your socials with others while onboard (the info can be scanned and info saved even without internet access for the Contact Page Version), but after the cruise they become a great souvenir of your experience!

3 Versions to best meet your need:

• Address Page Version creates a contact on the scanner's phone with the info you'd like to share and allows onboard scanning WITHOUT internet (perfect for the cruise where plenty of people choose not to). The info cannot be changed in the future because it is contained directly in the QR code.

• Direct URL Version will include the web link of your choice - this can go to anyplace you choose including a social site URL, a Linktree URL, an OnlyFans page, etc. Internet IS required when scanning. (The URL cannot be changed in the future, but will show whatever is current at that URL of course)

• Contact Page allows you to include any info you would like via a custom webpage. You will be able to update the info anytime in the future. Internet IS required when scanning and the first time scanning the code will allow you to setup an account with the info to be shown on future scans.

A NOTE ABOUT COLORS: The Atlantis tradition with dog tag colors are: Green - looking, Yellow - let’s discuss, Red - not looking. We don’t do QR code tags in yellow because they don’t scan well. Others colors don’t really have a default meaning. 

Made of anodized aluminum, and engraved with the information you choose.

Includes 1 long and 1 short bead chain (per standard issue) - Black bead chain will be provided with black tags, and stainless steel chain will be included with all other colors.

Overall dimensions: Tag is 29mm x 50mm x 1mm (approximately 1.25" x 2.25"), Bead chain is one at 30 inches (approx) - great for wearing around your neck and one at 4.5 inches (approx) - perfect for attaching to your room card, or the lanyard you're given on the cruise! Or wear them together for a "standard issue" look

When adding your custom info for the QR code, you can add name, phone, email, address, social media screen names (please tell us which site! For example: Instagram: @MyScreenname). Please see photos for illustration of line numbers.


ORDER DEADLINES: Jan 15 for domestic USPS delivery, Jan 17 for Onboard Delivery 

Finally, we keep perfecting the design to provide the best looking, easiest scanning experience - so they may look slightly different when done.